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Our critically acclaimed DAUBERT TRACKER now makes it possible to more accurately check the 'gatekeeping history' of experts before retention or deposition.

Key features:
all federal and state evidentiary gatekeeping standards tracked
all reported and numerous unreported cases
country's largest repository of 'Daubert'documents
192,329 case records
105,941 expert records
updated daily
powerful full text opinion search

Admission Criteria

The following are the criteria considered for admission of cases into the Daubert Tracker database.

  • The expert was deemed not qualified (unqualified).
  • The expert's methods were questionable, suspicious, not valid (invalid), lacking or inadequate.
  • The expert was not credible (incredible) or believable (unbelievable).
  • The testimony was outside the scope of the expertise of the expert.
  • The testimony was not relevant (irrelevant).


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  • Recent Awards
    Daubert Tracker named one of the best legal web sites

    The Daubert Tracker receives 5-star rating from American Lawyer Media
    Research Statistics

    Most Challenged Disciplines (experts)
    Medicine 46,943
    Engineering 17,959
    Psychology 12,250
    Police/ Law Enforcement 7,077
    Law 5,691
    Economics 4,944
    Accident Recon./Invest. 4,535
    Forensic Science 4,143
    Finance 3,485
    Accounting 3,457
    ...and 309 more

    Top Areas of Law (cases)
    Criminal Law 16,837
    Products Liability 3,860
    Negligence 3,859
    Medical Malpractice 3,615
    Constitutional Law 3,327
    Personal Injury 3,072
    Contracts 2,857
    Patent, Trademark, Copyright 2,428
    Administrative Law 2,262
    Civil Rights 1,863
    ...and 81 more

    Total Decisions 192,329
    Reported Decisions 69,926
    Unreported Decisions 122,403
    Federal Decisions 108,905
    State Decisions 78,611
    Decisions Added Last 7 Days 239
    Decisions Added Last 30 Days 1,105
    Decisions Added This Year 6,804

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